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• 11/27/2017

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• 2/26/2017

This Wiki Needs Some Work

I Started this Wiki In 2015 In 2016 i left it for my friend Stars9080 But Stars9080 Left it Too So I Am Back And i am going to make this wiki better like fixing some bugs in the pages and improvming some pages
I Will Olso Thanks The Users who added pictures and edited this wiki while i left it
Thanks :)
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• 9/8/2015

Welcome To The Wiki!

When you come to the wiki hopefully you will love it! I am an admin here!
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• 8/25/2015

who is nightmare

Who is going to be nightmare? Please anyone who knows comment on this forum.
Nightmare is that black animatronic like fredbear in fnaf 4.
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• 8/25/2015

Admin Openings!

Yes! This wiki is having Admin Openings!! You can ask me on my message wall if you want to be admin. Before you ask me you have to fulfill all these requirements. 1st one is that youHave to have 5 article edits. 2nd one is that you need to be active on at least one other wiki. Have a nice day!
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